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Wed Apr 24 @ 5:15PM - 06:15PM
Wed Apr 24 @ 6:15PM - 07:00PM
Senior Ballet
Wed Apr 24 @ 7:00PM - 08:30PM
Wed Apr 24 @ 8:00PM - 09:30PM

What Exams we do
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Term 2 Holiday Practice Times

Exam Info


Please arrive 20 minutes before scheduled time

  • Black Leotard
  • White Headband
  • Dance Stockings (not ballet)
  • Jazz/Tap Shoes (clean)
  • NO Jewellery
  • NO Nailpolish
  • Light makeup is permitted
  • Anyone participating in the Grade 3, 4 and Senior Bronze
    are permitted to wear 3/4 leggings over the top of the leotard
  • Hair in very neat BUN fringes to be off your face
    and fly aways to be secured with hair spray


If you have not yet paid for you exam please do so ASAP 












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